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TYPE: Weapon Armor Vehicle Head Other (no attack or defense) ALL

SOURCE LEGEND: BBD=Boss Battle Drop | BBHB=Boss Battle Helper Bonus | BM=Black Market | BUY=Purchase | CBD=City Boss Drop | CC=City Collection | CHD=City Heist Drop | charity = Gift for Donating to Charity  | CHHB=City Heist Helper Bonus | DTOA=Discontinued Token of Appreciation (Gift) | DTRD=Discontinued Trade (aka 'Buy Using' - old feature)  | JD=Job Drop | LHD=Limited Heist Drop | LHHB=Limited Heist Helper Bonus | MWFG=Fan Gift | PAWN=Pawn Shop Trade | RAID=Raid Boss Drop | RD=Racket Drop | TOA=Current Token of Appreciation (Gift)

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Source Unlock
ItemAttackDefenseNotes - Cost - Upkeep
DTOASecret Briefcase  00
  • Discontinued. Contained token of appreciation. Some players also have these useless items they received as a glitch.
DTOABlasting Powder  00
  • Discontinued Used up in Explosive Chain Reaction
DTOAGas Tank  00
  • Discontinued Used up in Jungle Drug Raid.
DTOACheap Switchblade  00
  • Discontinued Used up in Eliminate Local Gang
DTOACan of Mace  00
  • Discontinued (removed from game) Used up in Instigate Prison Riot.
DTOARusty Bolt Cutters  00
  • Discontinued (removed from game) Used up in Chop Shop Heist.
JDRussian Business Intel  00
    JDBorder Patrol Schedule  00
      JDRussian Mob Intel  00
        JDCasino All Access Pass  00
          JDIncriminating Photos  00
            JDRoyal Palace Blueprints  00
              JDTriad Intel  00
                JDBluesnarfing Device  00
                  JDRace Horse  00
                    JDCity Map  00
                      JDPremium Credit Card  00
                        JDBlackmail Photos  00
                          JDBriefcase  00
                            JDGold Watch  00
                              JDPolice Records  00
                                JDVideo  00
                                  JDCustoms agent  00
                                    JDTear Gas  00
                                      JDBlue Print  00
                                        JDCall Girl Dress  00
                                          JDMicrochips  00
                                            JDBallot Boxes  00
                                              JDZoning Ordinance  00
                                              • Earned from Boston job, Perform Tax Fraud. Required to purchase Boston property, City Park.
                                              JDRealtor Photos  00
                                              • Earned from Boston job, Rig the Ball Game. Required to purchase Boston property, Brownstone Home.
                                              JDCity Hall Blueprints  00
                                              • Earned from Boston job, Intercept Prison Transfer. Required to purchase Boston property, Symphony Hall.
                                              JDShipping Logs  00
                                              • Earned from Boston job, Move Cargo on the Docks. Required to purchase Boston property, Harbor Docks.
                                              JDFinancial Reports  00
                                              • Earned from Boston job, Take out a Local Crime Lord. Required to purchase Boston property, Ivy League University.
                                              JDResearch Grant  00
                                              • Earned from Boston job, Lobby New Legislation. Required to purchase Boston property, Biotech Research Lab.
                                              JDEspresso Machine  00
                                              • Earned from Paris job, Con Tourists. Required to purchase Paris properties, Iconic Cafe and Corporate Headquarters.
                                              JDOld Key  00
                                              • Earned from Paris job, Operate a Hostel. Required to purchase Paris property, Classical Apartment.
                                              JDLouis Vuitton Bag  00
                                              • Earned from Paris job, Move Narcotics. Required to purchase Paris property, High Fashion Store.
                                              JDFrench Painting  00
                                              • Earned from Paris job, Steal Priceless Art. Required to purchase Paris property, Fine Art Gallery.
                                              JDGold Spectacles  00
                                              • Earned from Paris job, Deal on Stock Exchange. Required to purchase Paris property, Opera House,

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