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Token of Appreciation Recovery Tool.


The game has changed such that you can now stockpile several of the same item from a single person without them becoming invalid. This change may have made this tool obsolete.

Problem: You tried accepting a token of appreciation in Facebook and you got the Mob Wars message "please wait a few seconds and try again". You went back to Facebook and now the token is gone. And it's not in your Mob Wars "accept list" either.

Solution: Enter the sender's ID # below, select the item they sent, and click "accept_gift".

Numeric id of sender gift/boost sent

NOTE: This is NOT a hack, crack or cheat. This information was presented in the Mob Wars forum by The Prof. This is simply putting together the following url...
where XXXX is the id of the sender and ABC is the gift "number" associated with the token or boost.

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