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Raids share

Raids are a new, limited time feature that let you fight against a super-powerful boss. You will need a team of your friends to help out, as these bosses are too big to take out alone!

You can start your Raid Boss by going to your Fight tab and selecting "Raids (Beta)" from the dropdown menu.

You will need to collect tokens by doing ANY job in the city associated with each token. So, for example, each time you do the "Mugging" job in New York, there is a chance you will earn the NY Token that you need for your raid.

If you don't want to go through the trouble of collecting tokens, you can always join a friend's raid or look for any available public raid that is currently open!

Once your Raid is launched, you will see your main raids page.

To see a piece by piece breakdown of what each part of the raid page does, read this development feedback post in the forums.

The more damage you do to your Raid Boss, the more crates you will earn when he is taken down! The boss will fight back though, so make sure you keep your group healed so that you aren't all wiped out.

Head over to the forums and read the latest FAQ on this feature and leave your feedback!


  • - Raids are meant to be fought with a group! Going solo might give you lots of crates, but would be incredibly difficult.
  • - Raids are meant for mid to high level players.

Raid list:

NOTE: This has turned into a weekly feature. I don't see a neet to bother documenting each week.

9) Bandits (Started November 23, 2016)

8) The Syndicate (Started November 17, 2016) 11/17 BLOG post

7) Shadows (Started November 9, 2016)

6) Shadows (Started October 26, 2016) 10/26 BLOG post

5) The Sidewinder (Started October 12, 2016) 10/12 BLOG post

4) The Professional (Started September 28, 2016) 9/28 BLOG post

3) Wetwork (Started September 14, 2016) 9/14 BLOG post

2) The Cleaners (Started September 3, 2016) 8/31 BLOG post

1) Delta Squad (Started August 18, 2016) 8/18 BLOG post

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