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This tool is for players who have done all 15 levels of New York. Leveling up to 15 resets the mugging job energy requirement to 1.

When you do jobs in Mob Wars, your Transporter saves you 5% in energy cost. However, that rounds up. So, if you do 2 muggings at one time, the game will charge you only 1 energy. That's a whopping 50% savings. Most people don't bother with this, since it's so much clicking. Now, the BOGO Mugger will do it for you!

This tool will run muggings. Clicking the button above starts the process. Once started, this tool will perform 2 muggings every 1 second. It will do this automatically without opening any tabs in your browser (until you close this window.)

This program will take approximately N/A minutes (about N/A hours) to click all of these links. The message at the top of the page will show your progress.

Before using this tool, you should make sure you're logged in on the Mob Wars main site. Visit and sign in if needed. While you're there, you might also check to make sure you have your Transporter position filled. (You won't get any benefit from this tool without it!) Once you've done these things, click the START MUGGING button at the top of the page to begin.

Mugging links are processed directly through However, the game does require a Facebook login. So, if you get the game's login screen when using this tool, login, then come back to this page and it should be ready to run.

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