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Oct. 2016 Update. WOW, this page sure got out of date. I'm working on updating it. An asterick next to a number shows a question that's been updated in 10/2016 (or that the old answer is still relevant.) If you'd like to help get everything updated, please see this post on my page and share some info. Thanks for your patience.

1. How do I add someone to my mob?

If you have a link to their FACEBOOK profile, skip to step C below.

A) If someone sends you an "add me" request through the game, RIGHT CLICK on their link in your MW newsfeed. Select Properties. That will bring up a box showing the URL (internet address) of their Mob Wars Profile. Double click on the number at the end. Copy that number by either pressing Ctrl+C or right clicking and selecting copy. That is their ID number. (Click HERE for illustrated explanation.)

B) Put their id number at the end of this link:

To do this automatically, click . Clicking this link will open a popup window. Enter the id number of the person you want to find on Facebook. Then click OK and you should be taken to their Facebook profile page. (NOTE: If you are taken to YOUR Facebook profile page, it means they either have their privacy settings set very high or they could possibly have you blocked. In that case, you are unable to send them a friend request and thus unable to add them to your mob.)

C) From their Facebook profile, click on 'Add as Friend'. It's good to then include a personal note saying 'mob wars'. AFTER they accept your Facebook friend request, put their id number (as explained above), at the end of the following URL:

To do this automatically, click . Clicking this link will open a popup window. Enter the id number of the Facebook friend you want to add to your mob. Then click OK and they'll be added to your mob.

DONE. They are now in your mob and you are in their mob.

I recommend keeping your mobsters as Facebook friends. That way, you will be able to help with their heists and jobs and they will be able to help you with yours.


2. Can you explain the FAMILY feature?

I never got involved in families, so I need a little help on this one. Anyone?


3. Is there a way to see only Mob Wars notices in my Facebook News Feed?

YES! Use the link:


4. Which gifts should I trade? (Updated 10/2016)

Check out my GIFTS page to see the stats for all the gift items available to trade. (I refer to this as trading, since the person you send something to has the option to return one.) Although the gifts themselves are quite worthless for many players, there is some good news. Gifts can be traded up in the Pawn Shop. Trade three gift weapons, vehicles or armor for one better item.


5. What happens after completing 11 crime waves on any given job?

After you finish the 11 crime waves (or "tiers"), there are no more cards available. However, you are able to continue doing the job for the cash, experience and any drop items (like the GTRs). Completing ALL the tiers of all the jobs does NOT open up another city, more jobs, or more cards. You're simply done with the jobs. At this point, just do the jobs that earn you the drop items you want or the ones that earn you the most cash.


6. Should I have cards left over after completing all crime waves for all jobs in all cities?

No. When you complete every crime wave (tier) of every job in every city from NY to Medellin,
you should expect not to have any cards left over. However, there were some glitches where players didn't get every card as they were doing jobs, or got an additional card. Click here to see your card inventory. If you believe you are missing cards, see my discussion board thread, pawn shop cards, for more information.


7. Is there anything after Baltimore?

Good question. No details are out yet.


8. How many skill points can I earn at higher levels?

  • Levels 1-2401 = 3 skill points per level
  • Levels 2402-5901 = 6 skill points per level
  • Levels 5902-6201 = 15 skill points per level
  • Levels 6202-6501 = 20 skill points per level
  • Levels 6502-6801 = 25 skill points per level
  • Levels 6802+ = 30 skill points per level


9. What order do you recommend doing jobs?

I say "get the most bang for your energy buck". The skill points get you the most power since they affect your entire mob. The guns and vans are very limited in numbers and only raise your stats for that number of mobsters. I will put specific examples on the site when time permits. (In the meantime, you can check out a copy of my old NY guide that I had posted in the MW forum. Have a look at the analysis. While the energy and job per tier are no longer correct, the comparison between skill points and weapons is.)

On my Cards page, notice that the suits start differently in different cities. NY, London, Moscow, and Shanghai all start with hearts. Chicago, Vegas, Dubai and Tokyo all start with spades. This continues for all of the skill point cards of the first 4 jobs in each city (except NY). It also includes the tens. Each particular suit of sixes, jacks, and queens are all in the same place for all non-NY cities. Therefore, if Vegas is your highest city available, the cheapest way to get a set of TWOs to trade at the pawn shop is to do the first two tiers of Fix an MMA Fight, the first job in Vegas (for the two of spades and two of diamonds) and the first two tiers of Fix a race at the track, the first job in London (for the two of hearts and two of clubs).


10. How long will it take to complete all the jobs?

For anyone considering doing jobs as their energy regenerates and not using energy boosts or GF to rebuy, here are some interesting figures... EXCLUDING NY, it takes approximately 262,928 energy to complete all tiers of all jobs in all cities. Given the 5 minute regeneration rate, it would take 913 days of never being maxed out to complete them all. And that doesn't include NY! (This doesn't include the 100E earned for leveling. That would bring it down to 2 years with a level a day. Also, this data was compiled before you were able to have "helpers".) The faster alternative is to go very high with your energy stats, have your friends send you energy boosts as tokens of appreciation instead of weapons, and refill your energy with GF points earned in marathon leveling sessions. See below for more on this.


11. With huge stamina or energy, it will take forever to fill. Why bother?

At higher levels of the game, many players like myself have given up on waiting for things to happen. Everyone learns early that cash refills health. The next step is rebuying stamina with GF points. Go high on stamina and health and you can earn enough GF points with a single round of leveling to rebuy and continue indefinately. Go even higher and you start earning extra GF to buy hired guns. And when you're mob is maxed, use them for energy refills.

That brings up what used to be a radical idea of high energy. It didn't used to make sense. But now that you can get $4.25B for 30 energy doing the top job in Tokyo, it's definately something to consider.

Don't wait weeks to let energy refill naturally. You only get 288E/day anyway (1 every 5 minutes). If you just level once daily, you'll get 200E more from that. (Even at that rate, it would take over 2 years of never being maxed out to complete all tiers of all jobs.)

Energy boosts give me 50% of my max each, so the 2 boosts/day give me a full refill. Also, every 2 hours I can help with 5 jobs, each earning me 10% of my max. Also 10 GF refills it. When the GF offers individual weapons for 25 points, I just laugh now. (I'd rather spend those 25 points refilling energy and making over $100T cash doing the top job in Tokyo.)


12. Why do you consider the Godfathers "limited time offers for GF points" a waste of GF?

Consider how much more attack and defense the weapon has than the top weapon you're currently using. That difference is how much more attack/defense you'll get FOR JUST ONE OF YOUR MOBSTERS. If you add HGs, each one can use armor, a vehicle and a weapon. That's a much bigger improvement in your stats.

Go high on stamina and you can better use those GF to reload and make more levels (and skill points and GF). Those skill points boost your entire mob, not just a single mobster. (That's why I recommend doing jobs for all the skill points before going for the weapons.)

Go high on energy and you can better use those GF to reload and do more jobs. With my high energy, 25 GF let me do enough jobs to max my mob with rocket launchers and GTRs. Yes, I'm an extreme case, but even if you can just earn 10 MMA fighers or 20 GTRs, it's still MUCH better than a single item. Plus, you're also earning money doing those jobs.


13. What are heists and how do you earn these new weapons?

Heists are a type of job that take more time to complete than your average job, but also reward you with awesome drop items for your patience. You can significantly lower the time to complete a heist by recuriting up to 4 friends to help. The first 4 helpers on a heist get a bonus item. After the heist period is done, you'll have an equivalent time to make your getaway. If it took 15 hours to complete the heist, you'll then have 15 hours to go in and click on Finish the Heist to get your drop item. (NOTE: The dev has increased the amount of time you have to make your get away.)

Here's a page showing all the city heist drop items and helper bonuses from NY to Tokyo.
Here's all the info for the limited heists since they were introduced on 1/1/10.


14. Why doesn't my friends name appear when I try to send gifts?

Your friend probably hasn't accepted your last gift. Until they accept it, you won't be able to send the same item again.

It is possible that they "LOST" the last one you sent. (A token gets "lost" when you try accepting a token in Facebook, get the Mob Wars message "please wait a few seconds and try again", and then the item isn't in the facebook list any more.) If they "lost" the last one you sent, make sure they have your numeric game id (the number at the end of the URL when viewing your profile page in MW). Then have them visit my Token of Appreciation Recovery Tool. They'll enter your numeric id and select the token you sent and VOILA! They will receive the lost gift and you'll be able to send to them once again.


15. How do I find someone's Mob Wars profile when they have a text id on Facebook?

If you're on the discussion board, you can right click someone's name link and select properties, you'll see their id number. Simply copy that onto the end of the following URL and you'll have a link to their mob wars profile.
Click HERE to do it automatically!

Want to find the MW profile of someone on your friends list who has a text id in Facebook? Find the Remove From Friends link on their FB profile page. RIGHT click it and select properties. This will give you their numeric id. You can then copy it onto the end of the above URL to get their MW profile.


16. Are plasma cannons real? (or free vans, invisible tanks, unicorns or a backdoor reset?)

Simply... NO. The pranksters on the boards are bored with the game and having a laugh at your expense.

The stories change constantly. First, it was punch all the made men. Then, it was punch them all in alphabetical order. Now, it's punch them all, get a pop-up link, follow it to the board, post a secret code, wait a few hours, etc. The latest includes a link to a photo showing a plasma cannon with 290 attack and 200 defense. (It doesn't have the typical reflection underneath that all other weapons in the game have.) Attacking that player claiming to own the cannon shows no such weapon (nor anything with 200 defense).
fake plasma cannon

They've even started claiming that their leveling partner has special stuff, so their story MUST be true. What they don't tell you is that the link they're sending you is that of the developer! (check his facebook page).

Don't bother arguing with them. The more seriously you take it, the more they laugh. (I'm sure they'll get a laugh at this! I wonder how they change the story next... I'm probably lying to protect MY plasma cannon or invisible tank! LOL) Bottom line: Punching made men on the leaderboard will only get you dead.

UPDATE: In September 2010, a Honda Unicorn motorcycle was introduced as a limited heist drop.


17. Is there a way to figure out what my opponents max health is? See max health calculator here.

18. How do I know how much my bounty is? See bounty calculator here.

19. How do I remove someone from my mob? See add/remove tool here.


20. When I attack someone with force and do more damage to myself than to them, why do I win? (For example, I took 11074 damage, dealt 5730 damage, but still won.)

Just like you're charged extra stamina for a force attack, you're also charged extra health. That extra health is taken AFTER the winner of the attack is calculated. Before that extra charge, in your example, you may have only taken 5000 damage, so you win! But then, because you used force, you're charged a health fee and that took you up to 11074 damage.

When force attacks first came out, you paid extra stamina, but not extra health. This meant you could level very inexpensively since you didn't need to heal as much. This change brought everything back in line. Now, attacking with force gets you slightly less in the way of experience and cash returns, but you can level much more quickly and without having to chain people on the fight list as much.


21. What does "rigging someone's ignition" do? (Still relevant as of 10/2016)

For 50% of the price of hitlisting someone, you can rig their ignition. Then, if they hitlist you, they will be assassinated by your ignition bomb. They will lose the amount of cash they would have spent hitlisting you. They also lose the same amount of xp as if someone their own level killed them. If the player you've rigged never hitlists you, they will remain 'rigged'. Again, rigging has no effect unless the person you rig attempts to put you on the hitlist.


22. I heard a feature is coming where you can trade up weapons for better weapons. Is this true? (Updated 10/2016)

The devs scrapped their original idea about being able to trade any old items. The only items you can trade for other items are City Heist Drops and Gift Items. You can trade some Boss Drops for skill points. For complete trade info, see the Pawn Shop.


23. I accidentally removed Mob Wars notices from my News Feed. How do I get them back?

Make sure Top News is selected for News Feed.
Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Edit Options.
Click the Applications tab.
Find Mob Wars.
Click on Add to News Feed.


24. Can I get the code for one of your tools or something that was on your toolbar? I'd like to add your features to my group or family toolbar. (Updated 10/2016)

I include many links and info in this guide, but I do not share my code.


25. I've heard properties can be used as a bank. Is this still possible? (Updated 10/2016)

The developers did away with selling properties, so this strategy is no longer an option.


26. Can you please make a tool for us that can analyze our current inventory? So we know what we are actually using or not using to help us improve our attack and defense stats! (Added 10/2016)

That's an ENORMOUS request and not something I'm willing to even consider. If you want to know what you attack with, you can see on your attack results report (click the down arrow icon next to "details" to show more). To see what you defend with, you can either have a friend attack and send you the info, or you can go to Special tab of your stockpile. Filter by weapons, armor or vehicles and sort by defense. Then, it's just a matter of counting down the list for one item per member of your mob. Lots of work, true, but there's a reason no one else offers such a thing.


27. How can I tell what mob type I am? (Bulletproof, Insomniac, Tycoon) (Updated 10/2016)

Go to the Arming tab (under My Boss). The picture next to your stats shows which mob type you selected.

select a mob type


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