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Cards are earned by doing jobs in New York through Los Angeles. Each time you complete a tier of a job, you earn a card. The chart below shows the cards available from the different jobs and the order in which you earn them. When you get 4 of a kind, you can trade them in the Pawn Shop.

DC, Rio, Palermo, Amsterdam, Boston, Paris and Baltimore do not offer cards, instead paying skill points automatically when you complete tiers.

If you are MISSING CARDS, you can send an email to including your id and a note saying you're missing cards. (Specific details as to which cards your missing is not necessary.) CLICK HERE to see your card inventory. (DO NOT SELL YOUR CARDS! You never know when the devs might make more available to match your extras.)

Click here for job and heist requirements. See the OLD printer version.

Point of confusion explained: Each job has 11 tiers of cards. However, when you complete all the tiers, it shows "Tier 12 - Mastered 100%" "All 12 Tiers completed".

Job Dubai Loot
Smuggle Contraband
Ransom a Sheik
Run an Oil & Gas Scheme
Gold Reserve Heist
Run a Ponzi Scheme

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