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Welcome to my Guide to Mob Wars and Fan Site share

Sal the Foot's Guide to Mob Wars features extensive information for playing Mob Wars. Mob Wars is a multiplayer role-playing game hosted on Facebook. This guide includes information on all aspects of play, lots of handy tools, a calculator to manage properties, and much more. Stop by and "LIKE" my corresponding Facebook Page for game news and updates. WELCOME TO MAFIA WARS PLAYERS looking for something new!

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I just updated my JOBS page. (I retired the old "Do Max Jobs Links" page since it was basically the same as the jobs page.) I added links to more info for each drop item and updated stockpile descriptions. Now when you search for an item that's required to buy property (in Boston, Paris and Baltimore), you'll actually get the info you need showing where exactly to find it.

I also added an "all" option on the stockpile page.


11/15/17: Jobs expanded in Los Angeles. Before this, the cap was level 10. The new cap is level 15. You can earn 2750 more skill points by completing all 15 levels. (There are no achievements for new levels 11-14, only level 15.) This will be the last of this type of upgrades since all higher cities are in a different format. No idea what's next. They could start over and bump up NY even higher than level 15. Or, they could do something different with the higher cities.

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This online property calculator at helps you get the best return on investment (ROI) when buying properties. It's complete with all the latest Mob Wars cities. It runs on a database so you don't have to reenter your holdings every time you visit. It also works for La Cosa Nostra (LCN), Viking Clan, and Pirate Clan. Check it out today! And please share it with your mob! share

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Key resources for getting Mob Wars answers:

This guide has stats and general info about the game. For more info, quests, etc., check out the following resources.

  1. The HELP page at the top of the game explains much of the game (including how to contact support.)
  2. My FAQ page and the rest of this site.
  3. MOB WARS BLOG - Visit the official blog page for the game.
  1. If you need SUPPORT, the game HELP page gives the following suggestions:
  2. --Mob Wars Forums: A wealth of player created game help and information can be found here, in the Mob Wars Forums.
  3. --Public Support Threads: If you don't find your answer in the forums, try our public support threads. Here, you can see if other users have the same problems you are having.
  4. --Direct Email: If the above methods do not offer help to you, please email the developers directly at

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Sal the Foot's Mob Wars News Archive:


10/20/16: New "Mugger" tool allows players who've reached level 15 in New York to run two-for-one muggings.

10/14/16: If you do Rackets, check out my new ENFORCER HIRING TOOL! Use this tool to fill all open Enforcer positions by posting just one link on your wall (rather than 8.)


For the past few years, Marc Kriguer has been posting weekly updates on my Facebook page archiving complete info on limited heists. He recently compiled all this info for me in a format that allowed me to upload the last 18 months of data I was missing. (Thank you so much, Marc! I couldn't have done this update without you!)

The Limited Heist Page just got 18 months worth of heist info added and is once again complete. With all the work Marc put in helping out, I decided to do some work on the site as well! The Limited Heist Page now defaults to the current year to speed load time and it's now formated to fit any size screen. It's broken down by year, but the "ALL" option is still available.

The Stockpile Page got 100+ items added. (If you have info on any other additions or stat upgrades to other stockpile items, please post on the Corrections Thread of my STF Facebook page and I'll update the guide when I have time.)

I've added a cool new search feature to the site. It finds stockpile items by name and limited heists by title (all in one easy search). It's now at the top of every page of this guide.

The item detail page has been expanded. Now, when you click on an item picture, if the item was a drop or helper item from a limited heist, you'll see complete info on that heist including other drops for it. If it was a drop from several heists, info on all of them will be shown. [See example]

If you have any questions or suggestions for the guide, please stop by my STF Facebook page.

-Guru Steve


Since August 2012, you can trade more than just cards in the Pawn Shop. Trade items from city heists for improved items. CLICK HERE for the Pawn Shop Page on this guide.

DC RELEASED 11/29/11 (then Rio through Baltimore added in same format)

  • There are no cards or badges. (You earn skill points by completing crime waves.)
  • There are 10 jobs, each with 25 crime waves total.
  • Crime waves for jobs must all be completed before progressing. (eg. complete all level 1 waves before moving on to level 2 waves).
  • A boss battle must be completed to progress after each crime wave.
  • Boss has no post for help.
  • After completing level 5 waves, you earn a powerful city collection item. There are 5 collection items total.
  • There are drop items, but they are not required for jobs and they do not have stats. Could possibly be used as consumables later, but for now do nothing.
  • Properties function as usual.
  • Dates higher cities added:
  • PARIS RELEASED 8/29/12


STOCKPILE UPDATE: Several stockpile items have been updated in the game. Several items that were not available for purchase now are. Check out updates to weapons, armor, and vehicles. Click the source filter and select BUY to see all the vehicles available for purchase now. A new "unlock level" column has been added showing when these items can be purchased.

I've gone over the recycled stockpile that are now available to purchase (but with a new upkeep). All of these items were former Limited Heist Drops, so no one should have more than a few of each. If you don't want to pay the upkeep, simply sell them. This should not be a big deal, but it should give players working their way up some cool new options. That was one of my favorite times in the game... moving up and deciding what to keep, what to sell, etc. Roll with it, gang. It's a pretty cool change and we would not have gotten it if we had to wait for their art department to come up with all new stuff.

los angeles

LOS ANGELES: We have a new city, including 6 properties and 5 jobs! My loot page has been updated to show all the cards given.

LOS ANGELES WINS! Here's the results of a high energy test I just did:

TOP LA: Done 3,653 times. Used 399,090 E. Gained $63.997T and 628,316 XP

TOP MEDELLIN: Done 4,286 times. Used 399,026 E. Gained $55.077T and 630,042 XP

RESULTS: Medellin gives 0.3% better XP (negligible), but LA pays 16.2% better cash!

MEDELLIN WINS! Here's the results of another high energy test I just did (without a contract in place):

TOP LA: 3653 times. Used 420095 E. Gained $58.156T and 628,316 XP

TOP MEDELLIN: 4286 times. Used 420028 E. Gained $64.353T and 630,042 XP

RESULTS: Medellin gave better cash! Due to conflicting results, more tests are needed!


If you can't see half your page and can't scroll, you're not alone. It's a Facebook problem that's been affecting many Facebook games and applications. To the right is a handy tool that should fix the problem. This is what's called a 'bookmarklet'. Don't click it here. Instead, drag and drop the green "STF HALF FIX" link onto your browser's bookmark bar. This will give you a link there titled "STF Half Fix". Then, when you run into the half page problem on Mob Wars or any other Facebook game, click the link on your bookmark bar.

NOTE: This will give you a very long page with a lot of white space below it. That is to accommodate a long stockpile page. If you wish to adjust the height, right click on your new bookmarklet and choose Properties. Look for 55000. That's the height. Change that to whatever you like. Then try clicking it again and you'll see the page with the new height.

If you dig this tool and the rest of this site, I hope you'll consider making a small donation. This site is NOT supported by Mob Wars.


ONE CLICK HEALING: Healing has become 1-click to go to 100% health. It is now pro-rated. This means that if you only need to heal 10% of your health back, you only have to pay 10% of the healing fee. However, if you heal when your health is 100%, you will be charged the full price as a penalty. Healing from the Boss Battle page works the same way, except you will not pay to heal if you're already at 100%.


LEADERBOARD is now "RANKINGS": They've implemented the Beta version that's been around for a while. You can now see where you fall in the global, friend and family ranks for 4 categories. The Top Tycoon list has been removed.

"See how you stack up against every player in the game and what it will take to move up the ranks. Global Rank is accurately recalculated every Ten Minutes; although changes in your statistics will always be reflected immediately. Only one player from each rank is displayed."

Now you see only the 10 people above you and 10 people below you. You can no longer see who is on the top of the lists. Hopefully, the ability to scroll up and down the list will be added. It's disappointing to have done 500,000,000 jobs only to have that hidden from everyone except the next 10 highest players in that category. Fortunately, you can still access the old leaderboard. (As of April 2017, this still works, but only for "Top Tycoons".)

500 Million Jobs

One Half Billion Served: I was excited to have reached one half billion jobs way back on February 12, 2011.

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